Better Roads for San Benito

San Benito County roads are crumbling, and traffic is getting worse every day. Traffic on Highway 25 has more than doubled since the 1990s, and San Benito County has an average road condition well below “at risk.” Our poor pavement condition makes us just one of seven Calfornia counties whose roads rank SIGNIFICANTLY worse than the state average.  

Vote YES on G to fix our roads, increase safety and reduce traffic congestion in San Benito County.

Measure G is a detailed roads and transportation safety plan built by transportation planning experts with community input to address our critical road improvements. The Plan has been unanimously approved by the County of San Benito, the City of Hollister, and the City of San Juan Bautista.

All detailed repairs in Measure G will improve safety and traffic flow and reduce traffic. Vote Yes on Measure G to:

  • Reduce traffic congestion and improve safety by widening Highway 25.
  • Maintain local neighborhood streets and roads to improve safety and traffic flow.
  • Repair potholes and cracks.
  • Increase pedestrian and bicycle safety.
  • Improve mobility, bus, and paratransit for seniors, people with disabilities, and youth.

This detailed plan is subject to mandatory taxpayer safeguards, including a citizens’ oversight committee and annual independent audits to ensure funds are spent properly.

Stand with us to support our local community. Measure G is only for San Benito County for the benefit of San Benito County residents. These funds cannot be taken away by the state. In addition, Measure G puts us in line with neighboring counties who approved transportation measures and qualifies us for state and federal matching funds, potentially doubling our investment.

Join Transportation Safety, Business, Agriculture, Education, and Senior advocates in San Benito County, City of Hollister, and City of San Juan Bautista in supporting Measure G.

Help maintain local roads and reduce traffic throughout San Benito County, so we can get to work, school, and home more efficiently.

Click here to read the detailed Measure G San Benito Roads and Transportation Safety Investment Plan

Vote YES on Measure G.